It’s time to move on and that’s exactly what Renee Matthews is trying to do. Last year, her mother interrupted her wedding to tell her that over thirty years ago, she had been intimate with her fiancé and Renee was the result of that intimacy. Barbara Jean Jackson will do anything AND everything she can to ensure that her daughter’s life is as miserable as possible; even if that means destroying the love she has managed to find with Stuart Humphries. Stuart Humphries left Monroe, Louisiana to attend college. He left everything behind . . . including Barbara Jean Jackson. Charlie Thatcher, a white millionaire, fell in love with Renee the day he laid eyes on her. Ever since that day, he has been her protector and her best friend and he is determined not to let anything OR anyone hurt Renee. Revelations is the sequel to Circumstances. Renee and Stuart were on their way down the aisle of wedded bliss—that is until Barbara Jean showed up unexpectedly and utilizes the minister’s option to object to her daughter’s wedding. Barbara Jean reveals that she and Stuart conceived Renee when they were in high school and Renee is devastated. In addition, Stuart is hurt as well. Sure, he had a relationship with Barbara Jean in high school and he had his share of women long after his college days had ended, but he had finally found that missing piece to his puzzle. He is sure that he couldn’t possibly be his fiancé’s father. Unfortunately, he knows that whether he is or not, he can’t continue his life with Renee because, after all, he did have a relationship with her mother. Charlie is the only one who isn’t surprised that his best friend’s nuptials didn’t go off as planned. He has asked for Renee’s hand in marriage on numerous occasions. Each time, Renee turned him down, but they remained friends and he was okay with that . . . until now. Even after all her evil deeds, when Barbara Jean receives a health scare, she expects her only daughter to be by her side to comfort her and be at her every beck and call. In spite that Barbara Jean has done everything to ruin her life, Renee is by her mother’s side. And, as if it was God’s plan, secrets of sex, lies and generational curses are revealed. Renee struggles to get past these obstacles because she is determined to be happy and she will make sure that Barbara Jean does not dictate that.
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